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The Elephant in the room: The myth of exponential hypergrowth
Fast-growing startups are frequently described as “exponential,” especially when the product is “viral.” Turns out, this is incorrect, even for Facebook and Slack. If you have an incorrect model, you don’t understand growth, which means you can’t control it, nor predict it. Here is a different model to understand how companies actually grow.
Fixing the ROI rubric
“Maximum value in minimum time.” Sounds good in theory, but traditional rubrics surreptitiously fail to produce the best answers, and fail to create explanations that help others understand why they’re the best answers. This system works.
The "Talk vs Walk" framework
This exercise we invented at WP Engine is surprisingly useful in engaging both Marketing and Product, generating actions for both sides that make products more desirable and competitive.
Distributed Logical Time
Properly ordering events in time is notoriously difficult in distributed systems. This algorithm is a simple, decentralized, scalable, constant-memory mechanism for independent replicas to record events in time, such that “happened-before” is preserved in almost all cases.